God’s Sovereignty and World Disasters

Barbara Bradley Hagerty from NPR did a piece on religious reactions to the tsunamis called “Reconciling Religious Faith and Natural Disaster”

Of particular interest is the Reformed Jew who believes God could not intervene. “It’s not a notion I can deal with and if I need to stand here and say ‘God does not control everything’ in order to clear God of such a crime, I will do so.”

God can speak, and has spoken for Himself. He doesn’t need someone to clear His name for Him, rather we need to submit our thoughts to Him.

God graciously directed Hagerty to John Piper, who was able to provide the only sufficient answers to the difficult question of how God could allow such disasters to happen.

You get a sound byte from him in the story above, but you can listen to the full interview that Hagerty did with Piper (30min) here:

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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