Notice on Strict Background Check on Applicants for the Olympic Games and the Test Events

“In April 2007, the Chinese government secretly released a list of 43 types of people in 11 categories who will be barred from the Olympic Games. The document is entitled “Notice on Strict Background Check on Applicants for the Olympic Games and the Test Events.” One of the 11 banned categories of people is “Religious extremists and religious infiltrators,” which is defined as:

1. Members of illegal religious organizations both in China and abroad;

2. Members who have been caught by Chinese authorities for engaging the illegal religious activities;

3. People who have given illegal sermons;

4. People who illegally distribute religious publications and video/audio materials;

5. People who have illegally established religious organizations, institutions, schools, sermon sites and other religious entities.

One person who has been on the government’s unofficial blacklist is Pastor Hua Huiqi. He lives only 10 minutes from the Olympic village and the police welded the door of his house shut with his family inside. He and his family have been jailed, harassed and beaten for hosting a church in their home. His mother is currently still in prison.”

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