How do you know god?

When it comes to faith, how do you know god?

Well you don’t have to know god, you have to surrender to a mystery, the mystery of your own existence. You have to have trust in a higher consciousness or in a deeper reality even though you don’t understand it. Most importantly, you have to have meaning and purpose for living. So when people have a certain outcome, like, you know, their daughter is going to get married on such and such a date, it’s known that they will wait for that date to come before they will succumb to the illness because the significance and meaning of that event will translate into a biological response in the body. So you don’t have to be a believer in the traditional sense. Because sometimes belief can also be a cover-up for insecurity, and that is not good, because you’re actually overshadowing your insecurities by fervently believing in something that you’re not sure about, so I make a distinction between faith and belief. Faith is the ability to trust the unknown and say, I can step into the unknown and trust that in the unknown, there are possibilities. In the known, it’s just the past. What’s the known? It’s all that’s happened in the past. So the known has no creativity in it. Whereas the unknown, trusting the unknown, stepping into the mystery, and surrendering to it, and feeling at peace with it, opens you to the field of possibilities, and therefore to creativity. And healing is a response of creativity. Your body responds creatively. It heals itself.

Just thought I’d share another quote from transcription work. Please note that this utter nonsense has earned the speaker millions in book sales.

On a side note, he’s clearly not a fan of Gordon Clark in his definition of faith as distinct from belief and including trust, and his assertion that we must surrender to the mystery of a higher consciousness that we cannot understand 😉

For a rather different answer to the question: How Does Man Know God?

And for a bit on my comment regarding faith/belief:

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