Food in the Arts: NOT BY BREAD ALONE

I was doing a little googling and stumbled upon a post by Willard B. Moore.  He is working on something called “Artists at the Table.”

By focusing on food images,the student traverses the history of art and the meanings we give to that art. The Food in the Arts Project, entitled “Artists at the Table,” began in 2003 and has documented over 1600 images in painting,photography, sculpture,film,performance art and conceptual art and literary texts,including works by a dozen Noble Prize winners. The material is organized into 25 chapters or “contexts” for analysis, presentation and, possibly, publication.

The post I read, Not By Bread Alone traces the use of bread in various art forms. I was surprised to find the following on the list:

For Bread Alone by Brandon Adams. A short student independent film about starvation and genocide in Ukraine brought on by farm collectivization and Stalin’s NEP in the year a1928-32

For more about my film, go to

2 thoughts on “Food in the Arts: NOT BY BREAD ALONE

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