6 thoughts on “Credobaptist vs. Paedobaptist : The Great Debate

  1. Joe

    This video is not Christian. I am not sure why any Christian would think this is funny. John Owen would have condemned it. But a good reminder that someone can be very well read on any given subject and miss eternal life.


  2. Joe

    This one did not need any lofty arguments. Maybe you are becoming far too engaged in the debates of baptism and the covenants to the neglect of your soul. This video goes against the most basic understandings of being a Christian and again I would say that your friend John Owen would have rebuked you.


  3. On the contrary, Joe, I believe the video is an excellent use of hyperbole and sarcasm in order to highlight errors and abuses of logic which are commonly found in theological discussions. Jesus Himself used sarcasm to show the absurdity of His opponents’ arguments.

    I (a Credobaptist) and my (Paedobaptist) father-in-law shared a laugh over this video a couple of days ago, because we recognize the ridiculous nature of some people’s argumentation.

    You’ll notice that neither side is presented very favorably; the Credobaptist supports “pyramidal” logic and engages in all sorts of fallacies, while the Paedobaptist rejects logic altogether and accuses the Credobaptist of hating children. This shows us that rather than mocking anyone of a particular theological view, the real problem that this video targets is irrational debate and illogical thinking.

    Far from presenting a model for Christian debate, this video uses humor to encourage Christian viewers to represent and engage their brothers’ views thoughtfully and rationally.


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