Not Under the Law But Under Grace

In looking for a good article critiquing antinomianism, I came across Lee Irons’ short piece “Not Under the Law But Under Grace

I think its the most helpful introductory article I have found to give to someone struggling to understand what it means to not be under the law, but under grace.

3 thoughts on “Not Under the Law But Under Grace

  1. We are not under law, but under Grace, PROVIDED that we ARE under Grace. To be under Grace is to fulfill the two great commandments, to love God above all things and to love our neighbor as ourselves. If we aren’t under Grace in this manner, then all that remains to us is law.

    It is similar to the concept ‘render Caesar’s things to Caesar and God’s things to God.’ If we are rendering nothing to God, what does it matter what Caesar claims as his own? He can even demand our lives in slavery and it makes no difference at all to our spiritual lives.

    It is a choice, to either be under law, and belong to Caesar, or to be under Grace and give God’s things to God.

    Truly we are coming to the point that there will be no way to fake this. God is coming to claim His own, and He knows who they REALLY are.


  2. DC3

    I found this article a great start. It was longer than necessary and a bit redundant. I also had hoped it would address the question, “yes, but how do we define being under grace” with the 10 commandments with more than just a sentence or two. Thanks for sharing it.


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