Useless Award Nominations

I mentioned the short film Useless that I wrote and directed in the last post. It has been nominated for 11 awards. We find out April 2 if we won any of them after a large screening. I would appreciate prayer that the film will glorify God and minister to people.

Best Scriptural Integration – “USELESS” – Brandon Adams
Evangelista Award – “USELESS” – Dennis & Olivia Bentivengo
Best Film – “USELESS” – Dennis & Olivia Bentivengo
Best Director – “USELESS” – Brandon Adams
Best Actor – “USELESS” – Boo Arnold
Best Actor – “USELESS” – Kevin Sizemore
Best Screenplay-Drama – “USELESS” – Brandon Adams
Best Cinematography – “USELESS” – Brandon Adams
Best Editor – “USELESS” – Brandon Adams
Best Original Score – “USELESS” – Fred Emory Smith
Best Makeup – “USELESS” – Annika Ramirez


I spent the month of February participating in the 2011 168 Project. It is a speed filmmaking competition where teams draw a bible verse at random and then have 12 days to write and 7 days to shoot and edit a short film based upon that verse.

Here’s the trailer for the film we ended up with

We screen on April 2 to find out if we won any awards.

Hopefully the film will be available online in the near future.