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On the off chance that anyone reads this blog… does anyone have any good music recommendations?

I found Zach Williams on Derek Webb’s several months ago and have really enjoyed both the music and the lyrics.

I also bought a Sons of Korah album (Rain) a few months ago and have enjoyed that. If you’re not familiar with Sons of Korah, all their albums are psalms. Their style can sound a little repetitive – I wish there were more groups like them recording psalms in various styles. For example, I’d love to hear a jazz version of some of the less “uplifting” psalms. Or at least something that captures the mood better than a modern rock band.

Anyways, let me know if you have any good music

8 thoughts on “Music Recommendations

  1. Sons of Korah is really good stuff. I recommend their other albums as well. And I grew up going to church with Zach Williams and to school with his wife. He’s done well.

    A few recommendations:

    Nate Currin, Goodnight California. Nate is the son of Don Currin (Heartcry Ministries). It’s not a Christian album, but they lyrics are deep, thoughtful, and perhaps it could be said that they’re written from a Christian perspective. Excellent album; one of my favorites this year.

    If you like Sons of Korah, a former band member has gone out on his own: Jason Coghill. If you can find his album ‘Wells of Salvation’ it’s really good. He sings the Psalms, and he’s more folk-ish than SOK.

    I’ve enjoyed Joe Day, from Noisetrade. His Christian album ‘Grace’ is pretty good.

    Nathan Clark George (Pull up a Chair) is another one of my favorite Christian albums in recent years.

    You ever listen to Sojourn? I’ve enjoyed their stuff; much like Joe Day above.

    Christa Wells – Frame the Skies is one of my favorites from a few years ago. Not explicitly Christian, but definitely implicitly Christian. I don’t enjoy female artists all that much, but this one is very good.


    1. Sorry for the delayed response. I subscribed to follow-up comments but was never notified…

      Lets see, I went to church with Zach at First Baptist Woodstock here in town (Johnny Hunt’s church), but we were never more than casual friends. He was always cool and popular; me, not so much. But I went to high school with his wife Stacie and knew her very well. I haven’t spoken to either in a decade or so, and perhaps Zach wouldn’t even remember me (I only remember him because of Stacie). I assume they still go to FBCW, but I’ve been gone since my conversion (and uh, my conversion to Calvinism, ha), and have lost touch with most of the people there in the process (after 10 years in the church).

      Speaking of a small world, I ran into Nate Currin’s album well after I had done some previous work with him on our church website…and I see that you’re reading Steve Martin’s latest book. I know Steve as well, as he’s down here in Georgia. Crazy.


      1. I don’t know much about Steve (tried to google a little). He’s editor of the book, which is actually a re-print of a book from the 70s featuring chapters from people like Walt Chantry and Erroll Hulse. Does Steve have any relation to Al Martin? Any idea where Robert Martin fits in there (my sister lives near the church he pastors)?


        1. Ha – no relation to Al Martin (or the comedian Steve Martin), but I’m not sure about Robert. Never heard of Robert. But Steve pastors the largest Reformed Baptist (confessional) church here in Georgia, and it seems as though every Reformed pastor in the southeast is friends with him. At one time, about 15-20 years ago, they were the only confessional RB church in Georgia. For years he’s also run a ‘log college’ out of his church which has fitted men for ministry – and has produced quite a few pastors over the years. And of course, he has a library that is bigger than my house. Anyway, a big-hearted guy, great preacher, and a friend of everyone it seems.


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