Debate: Jeffrey Johnson vs Michael Horton


This video contains the audio of the debate between Jeff Johnson (author of The Fatal Flaw and a valued contributor to this blog) and Michael Horton concerning the Credobaptist versus the Paedobaptist view of Covenant Theology. The debate took place at the 2012 Semper Reformanda Conference at Grace Family Baptist Church.

It is a very interesting and helpful discussion between two men who hold to the idea that the Mosaic Covenant is a republication of the Covenant of Works. And I would just add here my special appreciation for Jeff, who has been more to helpful to me in properly understanding Covenant Theology than perhaps any other single person.

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Josh Garrels

I’m really enjoying several albums I downloaded for free yesterday from Noisetrade

I haven’t had a chance to dig into the lyrics, but they, along with the music, are understated. It’s nice.

The wild man he just killed my religion
He cut it to the bone like a needed incision
The cancerous growth of formulaic precision
That blocks the life-blood in rebellious collision
Cold constructs robbing faith from decision
But where’s your rubric for the man that was risen
He is my vision, he is my vision, be Thou my vision
When the tables have turned, and I’ve lost money, and temples are burned
By His scares we will learn about truth
In the depths of our souls that are marred by the tooth of a beast
Underneath so many deceased, sold out suckers traded life to be yeast
Just to get a piece or a status increase
Find grace and have peace when you eat the Lords feast
And you eat, of His flesh, and His blood
It’s coming quick and strong as the mightiest flood
Yet my mind still gets stuck in the mud
Bottom feeding on the trash like a catfish, brats wish on all of that which
Is established to sit ill in hearts and in our souls, sweet river roll

An Analysis of Reformed Paedobaptism

Tom Hicks offers a good summary analysis of reformed paedobaptism from a seventeenth century credobaptist position.

I dearly love Presbyterians. These brothers and sisters in Christ are co-laborers in the cause of the gospel. We owe them and their tribe very much for their vital contributions to Christian thought and life. Some of my heroes in the faith are Presbyterians. I have good Presbyterian friends and I value their friendships. I mean no offense to them in this post, but I do mean to outline what I regard to be the fatal errors in their doctrine of infant baptism (or paedobaptism) and respond to them.