New Encyclopedia has announced the release of an online encyclopedia featuring 14,000 academic articles.

The 14,000 articles cover the people, places, events, and ideas from the Bible and Christian history. All of our articles are written using an approach we call Academic Collaborative Publishing:

  • It is academic in that we are concerned with high-quality information written by highly-qualified people.
  • It is collaborative in that it represents the work of thousands of people.
  • It is publishing in that our desire is to share our knowledge with one another.

These are thousands of professionally-written, professionally-edited articles you can trust. We will be instituting an editing policy, but one that guarantees its ongoing accuracy.

We also appended the contents of two qualified public domain resources to many of the articles, including the first edition of ISBE (International Standard Bible Encyclopedia). Our goal is for authoritative people to merge all the content of an article, and if necessary update its contents.

They also have a number of good audio classes that I listened to years ago (including some from Ronald Nash)