3 thoughts on “Review of TDBCT & Interview

  1. SDuladmi

    I don’t think my objection was answered. When we starkly label the New Covenant as the Covenant of Grace we give the lawyers (not theologians, mind you, but scripture lawyers) a breach to exploit, and it’s just off-the-mark anyway. Look at this exchange between Brandon Adams and a staunch paedo-baptist (Rev. Winzer) at the Puritanboard:


    I believe Owen is correct in that quote. Then look how Winzer zooms right in on this stark identification of the New Covenant with the Covenant of Grace. Winzer sees the weakness is *there.* It doesn’t win the battle or the war for him (and he knows that), but it staves off the current onrush. Read posts #106 and 107.

    By the way, note to the paedo-baptists: when you are confident in your views you are eager to talk about and argue and explain them. You’re cheery about it. It’s actually fun. Truth is fun. When you are not confident in your views you are back on your heels and constantly ticked off and ultimately you resort to power moves to shut down your opposition. I know Brandon’s had at least one comment deleted by the moderators over there at the Puritanboard.


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