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John Byl: Cosmology: Explaining the Universe

Great lecture. Share your thoughts on 35:45 (and the rest, too)

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  1. Hugh McCann
    September 30, 2013 at 5:52 am

    “…those arguments are of no use to us” (@ 40:15). Pretty well sums up the entire enterprise.

    As Ken Ham asks repeatedly, “Were you there?” Indeed.

    The end of the matter: “From our study of these five logical difficulties,* it can be readily seen that science is not capable of giving us any truth. And if the scientific method is a tissue of logical fallacies, why should Christians seek to argue from science to the truth? Simply stated, they should not. Science is useful in accomplishing its purpose, i.e., subduing the Earth. But that is all it is useful for, nothing more.”

    * 1. Observation is unreliable.
    2. All scientific experiments commit the fallacy of asserting the consequent
    3. Science commits the fallacy of induction.
    4. Equations are always selected, they are never discovered.
    5. All scientific laws describe ideal situations.

    Quote is from “The Biblical View of Science”, by W. Gary Crampton (1997) @

    Thank you.


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