Kingdom Through Covenant, a Review by Samuel Renihan

Samuel Renihan’s review of Kingdom Through Covenant is available now in the JIRBS 2014 edition. I highly recommend it!

I understand the authors’ reservations. To embrace the covenant of works, in their minds, is to embrace all of the errors of classic covenant theology. But they are operating under a false dilemma. Along the same lines it would seem that their opinion is that covenant theology is equal to the classic formulation of the covenant of grace being one in substance, varying only in administration. They state that “It is more accurate to think in terms of a plurality of covenants, which are part of the progressive revelation of the one plan of God that is fulfilled in the new covenant” (602). That is the dominant paedobaptist portrayal, but it is not the dominant portrayal of the history of Baptist federal theology. A good dose of Baptist historical theology might be of great benefit.

10 thoughts on “Kingdom Through Covenant, a Review by Samuel Renihan

  1. Hugh McCann

    Rich or Brandon, Where can we (easily?) get up to speed from your side to better understand young Renihan’s concerns?

    I seem to recall a chart (*shudder*) that Mr Adams has drawn up contrasting – of course – various Baptist views of covenants, etc.

    There are just too many flavors!



        1. Richard Lucas

          I wouldn’t say that what Brandon wrote about Gentry/Wellum preferring Progressive Covenantalism over NCT is quite inaccurate, but I would venture to say that there is a little more to it than that.


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