Fix Your Gut

Fix Your Gut: A Book Dedicated to “Fixing” All Your Digestive Ailments and Concerns by John Brisson is currently on sale for $5.99 on Kindle. It’s a steal at that price. I paid $25. I highly recommend it.

I used many of his recommendations for overcoming my son’s H Pylori infection. I’m also at the tail end of following his protocol for Crohn’s. (Results look promising, but it’s too early to say)

From the intro:

Chapter 1 My Story

For twenty-two years of my life, I thought natural medicine was a sham. My grandfather, who was a pharmacist, taught me that standard medicine was the only way to go and that the FDA (and drug companies) could do no evil. I laugh to myself now when I think of how foolish I was back then. Do not get me wrong, I still think conventional medicine has its place in healthcare, but I believe that we should consider all available options and make reasonable choices that are supported by the data. I suffered from different medical conditions including being born extremely premature (twenty-two weeks) in 1985.

I suffered from asthma, poor lung capacity, and a poor functioning immune system until I successfully healed myself a few years ago. Conventional medicine was just “treating” the symptoms of my asthma. It never addressed the true causes of disease which were a deficiency in vitamin C, magnesium, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and chronic dehydration from ingestion of soda. Supplements changed my life. My asthma symptoms disappeared within six months, and all tests showed my lung function was now completely normal. I asked my doctor how this was possible, and he was completely mystified and refused to consider the changes to my nutrition as a factor. It took conquering asthma and taking my life back to evaluate the relationship that I had with my doctor, and the entire healthcare industry.

My mother passed away from systemic Lupus when I was five. She believed fully that conventional medicine would save her. My father was one of the first Americans in the early 90′ s to be diagnosed with hepatitis C. He participated in the first clinical trials of Pegylated Interferon with Ribavirin. I remember taking care of my father throughout high school and listening to him vomit and sob for hours at a time after taking his medicine. When I was a senior in high school, the medication had left my father with cognitive deficits including memory loss trouble focusing, and paranoid schizophrenia. He left this Earth when I was eighteen years old and about to leave home to go to college. He also believed that conventional medicine would have cured him, or at the very least, kept him alive to see me start a life, get married, and father him grandchildren.

I believe nutritional medicine would have saved both my parents. I believe that we should have opened our minds to other possibilities. What about people who have heart disease, cancer, diabetes, asthma, and autoimmune diagnoses? Are they aware of the treatment options that nutritional medicine has to offer? Conventional medicine does not always address the root cause of these illnesses. In many cases, only the symptoms are addressed.

I am not completely discounting the effectiveness of conventional medicine. The data shows that there is a high success rate of using certain treatments including antimicrobials to fight life threatening infections, surgeries, and stabilizing someone during a medical emergency (like a heart attack, or stroke.) One lovely Christmas morning, I accidentally cut my artery in my left arm and would have bled to death without arterial repair surgery. I also took antibiotics, and I followed my doctor’s recommendations and drug regimen for a month afterwards. I have no problem admitting conventional medicine saved my life. This is why the acceptance of both forms of healthcare is needed in the United States. We can have a complete healthcare system.

Brisson, John (2014-04-12). Fix Your Gut: A Book Dedicated to “Fixing” All Your Digestive Ailments and Concerns (Kindle Locations 197-215). . Kindle Edition.


I had to resign when my youngest son was born with health problems and I dedicated my life to take care of him. My youngest son, Abel, was born with an extremely rare medical condition known as congenital myopathy with excess muscle spindles. He is only one of six children in the world to be given this diagnosis. The medical explanation of this condition is complex, but the simplest explanation that I can describe is that the gene that produces muscle fibers was stuck in the “off” position…

…Doctors told my wife and I that my son would continue to get weaker until he died. He was on a ventilator for the first three months of his life. My wife and I made a difficult choice and his doctors removed the ventilator to end his suffering. Even though I consider myself a Christian, I often struggle with my faith. There is no reasonable scientific answer for why Abel is still alive. Even though he was completely paralyzed, he coughed up the ventilator tube and began to breathe without the assistance. This appeared to be medically impossible because his lungs atrophied. We took our son home the same month.

I am grateful for conventional medicine. They stabilized my son’s life. He lived in the ICU for a total of six months. I am grateful to all the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff that took care of my son. Conventional medicine stabilized my son. Supplementation extended and improved his quality of life.

diagnosed. They say it takes becoming sick to take one’s health in their own hands, and the same can be said for me. I wrote this book about digestive health and coached many clients with digestive problems and concerns because no one should have to suffer.

Brisson, John (2014-04-12). Fix Your Gut: A Book Dedicated to “Fixing” All Your Digestive Ailments and Concerns (Kindle Locations 250-254). . Kindle Edition.

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