The Current Justification Controversy (on sale $3.98)

I’m never eager to re-post D.G. Hart, but he provides a helpful quote from Cornelius Venema regarding Mark Jones and Norm Shepherd: Flattening Will Get You Nowhere

All that to simply say that if anyone has not read O. Palmer Robertson’s account of the controversy at Westminster with Norm Shepherd, now is a good time to do so. It’s on sale for $3.98, and so is The Companion to the Current Justification Controversy.

Another good resource is Samuel Waldron’s PhD dissertation: Faith, Obedience, and Justification.

See also Samuel Waldron’s lecture Whatever Happened to the Covenant of Works.

Richard Barcellos also has several lectures on An Objection to the Covenant of Works.

I contacted Mark Jones and asked “Pastor Jones, can you please write a post explaining what is wrong with Norman Shepherd’s theology and where you disagree with it? Thanks” His secretary responded “Good evening Brandon, I spoke with Mark, and at the moment he is not taking any requests for writing as he is focusing on chapters for his next book. I hope you are blessed by his other articles and teaching. Thanks,”

Apparently there is time to blog about Shepherd so long as it serves the purpose of promoting his new book, otherwise, he’s busy.

Update: “In fact, if people ask (tell?) me to do things (e.g., write against the errors of Norman Shepherd) I’m likely to do the opposite. Coming soon: “Norman Shepherd: An Appreciation” by Mark Jones.

4 thoughts on “The Current Justification Controversy (on sale $3.98)

  1. markmcculley

    Piper has in the past questioned Dan Fuller

    But Jonathan Edwards has prevailed.

    Dan Fuller (the Unity of the Bible) quotes Edwards: “We are really saved by perseverance…the perseverance which belongs to faith is one thing that is really a fundamental ground of the congruity that faith gives to salvation…For, though a sinner is justified in his first act of faith, yet even then, in that act of justification, God has respect to perseverance as being implied in the first act.”


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