Considering Marriage

Like most of you, I’ve thought a fair bit about marriage over the last decade.

When I went off to school and started developing a more libertarian mindset, I formed the opinion that the state shouldn’t have anything to do with marriage. It should be left up to the church.

Then, attending school in California, I was confronted with Prop 8. Since the state wasn’t leaving marriage alone, how should I vote? I voted Yes on Prop 8 because we are not free to define marriage contrary to God’s Word, but I still wasn’t convinced the state should be involved.

But then I began learning more about reformed theology and history and realized that the reformation took marriage out of the church (where Rome made it a sacrament) and placed it in the hands of the civil authorities. In fact, some colonies went so far as to defrock any minister who attempted to perform a marriage.

I never got around to finishing that study, but thankfully I’ve found a series of posts I can say summarize my current view of the matter:

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