Pentecostal Jazz

Whatever glossolalists may believe to the contrary, glossolalia is not language in the ordinary sense, though it is both self-expression and communication; and whatever Freudian theorists may have suspected or feared, it is not a product of the kind of disassociation of mind and bodily function which argues stress, repression or mental sickness. It is, rather, a willed and welcomed vocal event in which, in a context of attention to religious realities, the tongue operates within one’s mood but apart from one’s mind in a way comparable to the fantasy-languages of children and the scat-singing of the late Louis Armstrong. It is not the prerogative of one psychological type rather than another, nor is it the product of any particular set of external circumstances or pressures.

-J.I. Packer, Theological Reflections on the Charismatic Movement – Part 2

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