An Open Invitation to Colin Pearson

An individual named Colin Pearson is a fairly recent Presbyterian convert. He was formerly a reformed baptist who became a paedobaptist, postmillenial, theonomist (now covenanter instead). He was formerly a host of the Bible Thumping Wingnut podcast and is now a host of the DatPostmill podcast. He was converted from the “20th century Reformed Baptist” view to Presbyterianism. He is a common presence in various Facebook groups where people frequently ask him to respond to 1689 Federalism. His responses are full of  wild claims – such as the idea that 1689 Federalism was invented by myself and not held by anyone else, including 17th century particular baptists. Regretfully, people continue to ask his opinion on the topic.

I would be happy to respond on Facebook, but Colin blocked me over a year ago when I challenged his claims. I therefore cannot see anything he posts, nor can I respond to any of his claims. He prefers it that way.

To resolve this issue, I would simply ask Colin to write a public post somewhere making his case against 1689 Federalism so that I can respond here on my blog. That should save him a lot of time from having to repeat the same claims over and over again, and it should be beneficial for everyone to see a response. That way we can allow iron to sharpen iron and seek to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

4 thoughts on “An Open Invitation to Colin Pearson

  1. Colin Pearson

    Here’s the real story:

    I held to 1689 Federalism before I switched to the falsely so-called “20th century view” (which was held by Gill). After reading Denault’s work, I had questions as I began to see massive holes in the system. I asked in a forum of which Brandon Adams is an admin. Instead of receiving an answer to my questions about Denault’s book, I was told to read the book and stop wasting everyone’s time. Furthermore, I was called such names as “moron” and it was heavily implied that I was not smart enough if I couldn’t understand the book for myself. I have not the patience to deal with self-proclaimed teachers who can’t interact fairly or honestly, so I blocked him.

    Never once did I claim that Brandon invented 1689 Federalism. I stated that the title is dishonest since many baptists (like Gill) rejected the view long before the 20th century.

    The slander in this post and Brandon’s previous uncharitable behavior towards me are why I have absolutely no interest in interacting with him on the subject. If anyone has a question, I’m happy to answer him personally. I can be found on Facebook.


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