Expository Preaching

The Expositor’s Conference just wrapped up.

Here is an excerpt from one of the lectures:

“Preaching without exposition is hot air. It is loud but there is no life. Preaching without exposition is just shallow and superficial and surface. Preaching without exposition exemplifies what one pastor wrote in his notes: “weak point, yell here.” Its all style, but no substance. Preaching without exposition is all theatrics but no theology. Preaching without exposition tries to fill the building without filling the pulpit. All preaching, and no exposition, trivializes the Scriptures. It abuses the pulpit. It manipulates people and it results in a church of unconverted, unregenerate people who show up for Supper Club on Sunday morning. Its dangerous.”


“John Calvin preached sequentially through books in the bible. 46 sermons through I & II Thesselonians. 186 consecutive sermons through I & II Corinthians. 86 sermons through the pastoral epistles. 43 through Galatians. 48 through Ephesians. 159 consecutive sermons through Job. 200 consecutive sermons through the book of Deuteronomy.

Calvin would preach in the morning and in the afternoon from the New Testament. Every morning of the week he preached the New Testament, every other week. 6 o’clock St. Peter’s Cathedral in Geneva was packed. Job. Deuteronomy. 353 consecutive sermons from Isaiah. 123 through Genesis.

After he was two years in the pastorate there (1536-1538) he was put out of his pulpit, went to Strausburg. They begged him to come back finally. He refused. He said I’d rather die a thousand deaths than go back to Geneva. They begged. He finally relented. Only as a step of lordship. And when he went back to Geneva, after being gone for 3 years, he picked up his exposition at the next verse. That’s how committed he was to sequential expository preaching. Where are men like this?

As Calvin preached he had no outline. As Calvin preached he had no sermon notes. As Calvin preached he preached out of a Hebrew Bible or a Greek Bible. It took us 200 years to figure out which translation he was using because we couldn’t find a translation that matched up with Calvin’s translation. We finally realized in the 19th century, he had been translating this as he went through the books.”

“What is Expository Preacing”

Do Not Aim at Sensation

An excerpt from Spurgeon’s “Soul Winner”

Nor is it soul-winning, dear friends, merely to create excitement. Excitement will accompany every great movement. We might justly question whether the movement was earnest and powerful if it was quite as serene as a drawing-room Bible-reading. You cannot very well blast great rocks without the sound of explosions, nor fight a battle and keep everybody as quiet as a mouse. On a dry day, a carriage is not moving much along the road unless there is some noise and dust; friction and stir are the natural result of force in motion. So, when the Spirit of God is abroad, and men’s minds are stirred, there must and will be certain visible signs of the movement, although these must never be confounded with the movement itself. If people imagine that to make a dust is the object aimed at by the rolling of a carriage, they can take a broom, and very soon raise as much dust as fifty coaches; but they will be committing a nuisance rather than conferring a benefit. Excitement is as incidental as the dust, but it is not for one moment to be aimed at. When the woman swept her house, she did it to find her money, and not for the sake of raising a cloud.

Do not aim at sensation and “effect.” Flowing tears and streaming eyes, sobs and outcries, crowded after-meetings and all kinds of confusions may occur, and may be borne with as concomitants of genuine feeling; but pray do not plan their production.

It very often happens that the converts that are born in excitement die when the excitement is over. They are like certain insects which are the product of an exceedingly warm day, and die when the sun goes down. Certain converts live like salamanders, in the fire; but they expire at a reasonable temperature. I delight not in the religion which needs or creates a hot head. Give me the godliness which flourishes upon Calvary rather than upon Vesuvius. The utmost zeal for Christ is consistent with common-sense and reason: raving, ranting, and fanaticism are products of another zeal which is not according to knowledge. We would prepare men for the chamber of communion, and not for the padded room at Bedlam. No one is more sorry than I that such a caution as this should be needful; but remembering the vagaries of certain wild revivalists, I cannot say less, and I might say a great deal more.


John 17:6-8

I preached a sermon at my church on Sunday. I’d love to get some feedback on the message if anyone has time to listen to it.

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references in the message:
jimmy carr – comedian
http://jimmycarr.com/tvclips.html (1st conan clip)

alan jackson – we’re all god’s children http://www.lyricsfreak.com/a/alan+jackson/were+all+gods+children_20347180.html

georgoe strait – check yes or no http://youtube.com/watch?v=Wev4QcT47po

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“We must make a great difference between God’s word and the word of man. A man’s word is a little sound, that flies into the air, and soon vanishes; but the Word of God is greater than heaven and earth, yea, greater than death and hell, for it forms part of the power of God, and endures everlastingly”
-Luther, Table Talk, xliv

1 Peter 1:23

A Sermon is a Meal


“Every sermon, every Sunday school lesson, every small group discussion is the equivalent of a ‘spiritual meal’. There is just as much variety offered to us in ‘spiritual meals’ as there are ‘physical meals’. Some are healthy, some are junky, some will make you fat, some will fuel profound spiritual growth while others will kill you.

When Jesus restored Peter after Peter had denied him three times, Jesus asked him “Simon Son of John, do you love me?�? Peter, wounded by the question answered, ‘You know that I love you.�? Jesus then gave Peter this command, “Feed my sheep.�? (John 21:15-18)”

The link provides an interesting chart comparing sermon “meals”