Gary North Pulling Strings of the Antiunion Movement?

I read a rather bizarre article from the NYTimes a few days ago. It’s an unveiled attempt to discredit the antiunion movement by associating it with Gary North and those scary/threatening homeschoolers.

‘Christian Economics’ Meets the Antiunion Movement

“Not only do Reconstructionists believe that public employees should not have the right to organize, they believe that almost all of them should not be public employees,” writes Julie Ingersoll, of the University of North Florida, in the Web magazine Religion Dispatches. “Most of the tasks performed by those protesting the Wisconsin state budget would, in the biblical economics of North,” be privatized.

…Mr. McVicar believes that Professor Ingersoll’s attempted connection between Christian economics and the rallies in Madison is a bit tenuous. “Her insight has to be in my mind so heavily qualified as to make it almost nothing,” he said. But he concedes that it “has the most basic essence of truth,” given how widely Mr. North’s teachings have been disseminated on the Christian right.

As an aside, here is an interesting read on North, Rushdoony, and the Reconstructionist movement, written from outside of the movement: One Protestant Tradition’s Interface with Austrian Economics: Christian Reconstruction as Critic and Ally

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