Ron Paul Update

Just wanted to give everyone an update on Ron Paul.

Debate 1: May 3

Highlight Reel

According to the polls, he one that debate:

However, MSNBC didn’t bother to check their own polls. They declared Mitt Romney the winner. Ron Paul received a 38% positive vote and Mitt Romney received a 27% vote. Anyone see a problem here?

ABC News also held a poll following the debate. First, ABC DID NOT EVEN INCLUDE RON PAUL in the poll.
Supporters called and forced ABC to correct the poll. After doing so, Ron Paul won by a landslide. I can’t show you the results because they are no longer on ABC’s website.

ABC answered with the following article:
The Ron Paul Effect which claims that Ron Paul’s success in the polls is because of internet manipulation, not because anyone actually supports him.

Supporters stormed the article, posting 300 comments to the article in support of Paul. ABC RESPONDED BY DELETING THE COMMENTS.

Here is a screenshot of a users post with a total of 278 comments to the article

Here is a screenshot with the comments deleted down to 15!

Here is the digg article
Do a google search for “ron paul abc” to read more reports of the incident

Washington Post
The most coverage Ron Paul got was from a Washington Post article called Building a Better Debate which said:

IF YOU TUNED IN to the recent Republican and Democratic presidential debates, you may have had the same reaction as many viewers looking at the crowded stages: Who’s that? The Democratic debate in South Carolina featured eight candidates, while 10 crammed into the GOP debate in California last Thursday. Voters trying to sort out their presidential choices aren’t helped by debates cluttered with the likes of Mike Gravel (hint: he’s a former senator from Alaska) on the Democratic side and Ron Paul (hint: he’s a libertarian House member from Texas) among the Republicans. If the standard is that any declared candidate is entitled to a podium, we’re going to end up with even more crowded stages in 2012.

One possibility would be to allow viewers to vote off one candidate after each debate; it seems to work well for other TV programs.

Keep in mind the fact that viewers did vote, and far from voting Ron Paul off the stage, they declared him the winner. Anyone think he deserves a little more interest from the media?

Here is an article talking about the blackout. The author copied and pasted all of MSNBC’s user comments in fear that they would be deleted as well. Media Blackout of Ron Paul

Thomas E. Woods, Jr. summarized the media’s reaction to the debate and to Ron Paul in Defeat the Media Clones
I’m not eager to jump on the wagon claiming “the evil media is censoring my views,” but just read the article and decide for yourself

Here is a summary of what Ron Paul talked about in the debate:
Ron Paul and the MSNBC Debate

Debate 2: May 15

Highlight Reel

Ron Paul winning the poll again

FoxNews Video
FoxNews claims the only reason people are supporting Ron Paul in this poll is because Guiliani “slapped” him in the debate. “There’s still much more spinning to do” as the reporter says. This video also shows Ron Paul’s discussion with Sean Hannity.

Following the second debate:
Michigan GOP leader wants Paul barred from future debates

More responses to the second debate:
Ron Paul 1, Establishment 0
John McCain Withdraws; Endorses Ron Paul (SPOOF)
Why Are They Lying About Ron Paul from Accuracy in Media

Various Articles about Ron Paul:
Who Would the Founders Endorse?GREAT QUIZ YOU SHOULD TAKE
Principled Paul
Guilty Blue Pleasure
The Foreign Policy of Ron Paul
Ron Paul Said It
Ron Paul Violated the Rules
Qualification for the Job?
Giuliani’s Attack on Ron Paul Falls Flat
Do Conservatives Hate Their Own Founder?
But Who Was Right – Rudy or Ron?
Ron Paul Rocks!
From Neoconservative to Libertarian in One Year
The Neocon Reaction to Ron Paul
Conservatives and the Settling Question
Ron Paul on Blowback
War Without Consequence? Absurd.

and finally…


These are all videos of Ron Paul speaking for himself
Educating Rudy
Feisty Rep. Ron Paul Discusses Economy with Neil Cavuto
Ron Paul 0wnz the Federal Reserve
Texas Republican slams Bush “demented philosophy of conquest
Congressman Ron Paul Visits My Dorm Room
Ron Paul on CNN talking about the debate

Ron Paul also writes books:
A Foreign Policy of Freedom


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