Angry Christians and the Devil’s Tactics

Good thoughts from D.A. Carson on the devil’s use of politics to distract Christians from seeking first the kingdom of God.

we’re so busy being angry all the time that at the end of the day not only do we lose our credibility with people on the Left—they start demonizing us back—but we have no energy or compassion left to evangelize them. When you’re busy hating everybody, and denouncing everybody, and seeking political solutions to everything, it’s very difficult to evangelize. Isn’t it? Very hard to be compassionate, to look on the crowds as though they’re sheep without a shepherd, very hard to look on them like that when they’re taking away “my heritage.” Do you see?

I agree with him that we should engage and be involved, but we should do so with an open hand, never holding it so close that it becomes idolatry.

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